Sunday, March 05, 2006

March Madness Round #1

March Madness/TEXAS HOLD’em

Qualifying Game #1
Friday February 24
It was Nick's pre-birthday weekend and Nick, Billie and Co brought the party! Whoever said poker was about the cards haven’t been to a Friday night game…

Speaking of the game Tim was the last man standing but Billie was on a roll! She was knocking out people like Mike Tyson in the old days. Picking up large hands and calling everyone’s All-Ins and winning… Billie’s and Nick’s luck and ran out in round 5 running into Tim’s Hot Pocket AAs. The rest is history…

1st – Tim
2nd – Carl
3rd – Andrew

Friday Nite Leader Board.
24-Feb 1st Tim, 2nd Carl, 3rd Andrew
10-Feb 1st Tim, 2nd John, 3rd Billie

Next Game : Friday March 10th


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