Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March Madness Round #2

Friday March 10 game

We had 10 players ; Carl, Andrew, DaDa, Tim, John, Ralph, Nick, Billie, Gordon, Big Mike. Cyrus could not make it as he is the now a proud father of a new born little girl name Kylan. Congrats again Bro.

The evening started off hot for DaDa and Gordon. Two players who had not been played in Southfield since say… April of 2005. They were racking up the chips until Billie arrived like Hurricane Katrina! The rest of us were just treading water. By the 4th blind Billie was the chip leader with Gordon “G Money” and Andrew closing. The rest is history….

Order of Finish
1st – Queen Billie
2nd – Gordon “G Money”
3rd- Andrew “what u talking bout Willis”

Friday Night Leader Board

Two stragglers made an appearance late and promised again (like the 4th time) that they will be in the next game. Yeah we will see Ronda and Kathy – lol

The March Madness table bonus game is March 24th. The pot will be stuffed with extra Loot. If you didn’t play in the either of the qualifying rounds sorry you can’t win the bonus cash, but you can still win the POT! These are the players who are eligible for the bonus payout; Andrew, Big Mike, Billie, Carl, DaDa, Evan, Gordon, John, Nick, Ralph, and Tim. If you think you have been left out drop me an email to

Friday Nite Leader Board.
Mar 10 - 1st Billie, 2nd Gordon, 3rd Andrew
Feb 24 - 1st Tim, 2nd Carl, 3rd Andrew
Feb 10 - 1st Tim, 2nd John, 3rd Billie

Peace CS


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